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Commissions FAQs


Does VSP offer commissions?

Of course! When you sell VSP to clients, we'll pay you based on the standard commission schedule below:

Annual Premium
Paid By Client
Commission Paid
To Broker
First $ 5,000 10.00%
Next $ 5,000 5.00%
Next $ 10,000 3.56%
Next $ 10,000 3.00%
Next $ 20,000 2.31%
Next $ 200,000 1.44%
Next $ 250,000 0.73%
Exceeding $ 500,000 0.35%

If you're looking for other commission options, please contact your VSP representative.

Does VSP pay overrides or bonuses?


When will I receive my commission check?

VSP calculates and pays commissions on the 28th day of each month (or the following business day if the 28th falls on a weekend).

Why haven’t I received my commission payment?

Payment of commissions is dependent on VSP receiving payment from the group(s) for which you are the broker/agent of record. If the group’s payment is not received by the 21st, your commissions may pay out on the following months check.

Have you returned all requested VSP Commission documents to the Commission Administrator? We must have all required documents on file before we may begin paying your commission to your agency.

Does VSP offer Direct Deposit?

No. VSP is working towards this option; when direct deposit becomes available all brokers will be notified.

Need to speak with a commission administrator?

Please call 800-852.7600 x 3133 and one of our trained staff will be glad to help you.

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