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VSP Plans FAQs


Does VSP handle clients with less than 10 employees?

Yes. We offer plans to clients with 2-9 employees. You can get online quotes for these clients just like you do for larger clients.

Does VSP have a 100% voluntary plan?

VSP offers voluntary plans for clients with 10 to 999 eligible employees.

Minimum Enrollment: 10 employees

Choose from the following plan designs:
Plan B:
Exam and lenses once every 12 months; a frame once every 24 months
Plan C:
Exam, lenses, and a frame once every 12 months

Copay Options:
$10 total copay
$20 total copay
$10 exam/$25 materials copays

Does VSP offer laser vision correction coverage?

All of our eyecare plans include the VSP Laser VisionCare Program, our complimentary laser vision correction discount program. This program provides members with a substantial discount off laser vision surgery and easy access to the procedure through VSP-contracted doctors, surgeons, and laser centers.

Does VSP offer a plan to individuals?

Yes, VSP Choice Plan for Individuals® is a fully insured product designed for individuals and families. Depending on the state, this nationwide program is offered directly to consumers from VSP, or through the Consumer Choice Association (CCA). Consumers can enroll in the program online at

VSP also offers significant discounts packaged into the Dental & Vision Savings Plan®. CAREINGTON International administers this discount only plan and consumers can enroll by going to

At this time, the programs are not sold through individual brokers or consultants.

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